Hello friends!! My name is Kristen Lee...


I hope you'll use #KLEEATS as a source for food and restaurant recommendations all over the world. 

My philosophy in terms of food is that you should eat what you want. I truly believe that your body knows what it needs and if you give it what it wants, it'll treat you just as well back. It's always a bonus if the food is healthy, but ultimately, I think everybody deserves to eat good food. 

Eating habits and food tell us so much more about a culture and the people than anything else. Time spent around a dining table is invaluable. 

I've spent a significant amount of time in New York, the Bay Area, Western Europe and am currently based in Seoul and the Bay Area, working as a Copywriter, so if you have interest in those regions, I think we could be friends. We should be friends regardless. I love friends. 

My goal is to share my favorite spots and experiences with you via photos and words, so please enjoy

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